Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My Addiction--Pinterest

One of my biggest "addictions" right now is Pinterest--if you haven't heard of it or been on there, you are really missing out. It is the greatest site I've ever been on in my life, but it's also my biggest downfall. As with any other addiction in life--it may feel really good, but it can also get in the way of having a normal life. (It really made me laugh out loud to type that.) I warn everyone that I tell about the site, "You will be forever changed. This will consume your life now. You'd better be prepared to spend lots of time on Pinterest--You will love it." It is true; I could spend hours on there planning my home decor, future wedding, and dinners that I will cook someday.

With that being said, I would like to share with you the first project that I created based on an idea I got from Pinterest. It is so easy and has so many possibilities.

 I made these cute canvas quote signs for my living room.

To give credit where credit is due, this is the inspiration for my project: ORIGINAL POST

Side note: The walls in my living room are NOT the color of mustard as they appear in this picture. Yes, they are yellow but a much more mellow yellow than they look in the picture so please don't judge me on the outrageous color it seems to be.

Now that is out of way, and we can get started on the "how to" for this project.

What you will need to complete canvas quote project:
  • 1 canvas (I used 8x10 and 5x7 and made 4)
  • Enough fabric to cover the canvas (I purchased 1/2 yard of 4 different fabrics because I wasn't sure what I'd want to use, but print fabric will work better than solid colors)
  • Can of spray adhesive
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks or Staple Gun
  • Scrapbook stickers* (enough packages of different sizes/fonts to have all the letters you need to spell out your quote and color doesn't matter or need to match fabric)
  • Black acrylic paint

First, you start with a blank canvas like this:

Second, you cover it with a fabric of your choice. I measured the fabric and cut it to size--it needs to be enough to cover the front and sides as well as having enough wrapped around the back to be able to be attached. Then, I sprayed the front of the canvas with spray adhesive. Next, I hot glued it to the back, but it could also be stapled and it would look like this:

 Third, you need to stick the stickers on the fabric to "write out" the quote you want to put on your sign.
*The thicker scrapbook stickers are a little more expensive but much easier to pull off after painting and do not slip in the wet paint when trying to paint over them. They are worth the investment for this project.

Fourth, after you like the way the words look on your canvas, start painting over the canvas. I didn't paint the sides because I wanted to let the pattern of the fabric show, but you could definitely paint the sides as well. I applied two coats of paint and let it dry. It looked like this:

Lastly, once the paint is dry you pull off all the letters. Now, the fabric shows through where the letters once were making a reverse stencil. After the letters are pulled off, the project is complete and ready to hang.


  1. I'm staying off Pinterest because I heard it is so addicting.

  2. haha good plan Kasady... it's crazy all the ideas I get from there... it's just hard to plan to actually use the ideas... I end up just being on "creative overload" and can't stop planning and never actually doing. haha...

  3. Brilliant idea, I might have to try that one...and I might even venture over to this Pinterest!

  4. oh. it's the greatest site ever. you will love it.. it's a creative woman's dream. lol